Chapter 14Mature

Mickey and I sat on the island in his kitchen, cross-legged, with notebooks in our hands. Mr. Montomgery, or George, as I called him, was there washing the dishes.

"Don't you think we should have gum or some kind of mint thing?" I asked. Mickey looked at me, confused.

"We have onion dip and sutff with garlic in it. Right, George?"

"You're right, Mel. Mickey, we have some life savers in the garage."

Mickey smiled at me and then grunted to his dad and went in the garage.

"How's Bubba?" asked Lisa as she walked in the kitchen. She kissed George.

"He's good. He eats a lot. And pees and poop practically every 5 minutes."

She laughed.

"Ok, Mel, I trust you will watch Mickey," she said patting me on the back. I smiled and nodded. Mickey came back up with thousands of bags of life savers.

"Happy, dad?"

"You only needed a couple."

He smiled.

"Alright, we're leaving. Mel, watch Mickey. Mickey, no drugs, no drinks, no sex."

"Ok, now are you guys going on your date?"

"Yes, yes, we're leaving," said Lisa grabbing her purse.

"Bye, Lisa. Bye, George," I said. They walked out and waved one more time. I was wearing my light pink babydoll tank top over my short jean shorts and my old dirty black Converse. I loved them, though.

"So, do we have everything?"

"Yep. Do we need decorations? It's not a birthday party."

"I know. And we don't. But it's only 4 o'clock. The party starts at 9."

 I walked toward him.

"What to do?" he said.

He kissed me.

"Ooo, I know. There's that marathon of Friends coming on," I said.

"Already one step ahead of you."

Mickey was putting popcorn in the microwave. He smiled at me. We sat on the couch, eating popcorn until it was 7:30.

"Wanna make out? We still have an hour," asked Mickey. I went closer to him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in and kissed me. Jus then, the bell rang. It was Heather.

"Your mom invited me to stay over."

Great, Heather, me, and Mickey in one room.

"Ok," said Mickey inviting her in. She put her purse and bag on the couch.

"You're early," I said.

"Just wanted to you know, see if Mickey needed any help."

"He doesn't," I said through my teeth. At 8:30, Jordan came over.

"Dude," he said not noticing Heather, "I'm staying over."

Mickey looked at me with sorry eyes.

"Wait," said Jordan, "you weren't planning to... with Mel tonight. Right? "cause if you are, I do not wanna see that."

"Dude, no. You're alway welcome to stay over."

Heather looked at me an Jordan. She obviously didn't want us here.

"Heather," I said breaking the silence, "why do you hate me and Jordan?"

She looked at me completely ignored me and took of her clothes, revealing her bikini and opened the backyard doors and ran out to jump into the pool.

The End

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