Chapter 9Mature

Heather and Jordan sat across from us at the pizzeria. I took a bite of the slice on my plate. Jordan burped.

"Dude," said Mickey, "you call that a burp?"

He burped louder.

"Oh yeah," I said, "watch this."

I burped even louder and we all laughed.

"Dude," Jordan said to Mickey, "your girlfriend is awesome!"

Heather glared at him and Mickey kissed me on the cheek. She kicked Jordan.

"Ouch, baby, what was that for?"

"Nothing. I gotta go to the restroom."

She stood up and walked to the bathroom. Jordan looked at us.

"What was that all about?"

Mickey and I shurgged.

"Lemme go talk to her," he said.

"How, you idiot? She's in the bathroom," said Mickey.

"I'll go talk to her," I said scooting out of the booth and towards the bathroom.

Heather was staring into the mirror, looking as if she was about to cry.

"Heather, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Everything. Jordan's been looking and talking to a lot of girls lately. And now you."

"Don't worry, he loves you. He's just my friend. Just like Mickey is yours."

"Yeah, but Mickey loves you for sure. He doesn't talk to other girls like Jordan. And I know Mickey comes to your house every day."

I stared at her. Great, just when everything was going right, this happened.

"C'mon," I said walking out of the bathroom. She came out glaring at Jordan.

"What did I do?" he said to Mickey. Mickey shrugged and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

"Not here," said Jordan smiling, "please."

"Okay," said Mickey. He kissed me again and smiled at Jordan moving his eyebrows up and down. We ate our pizza. We went to our car.

 Heather and Jordan sat in the back seat, while me and Mickey sat up front. They were quiet, and Jordan stared at her with those pleading brown eyes.

"Why is so quiet?" Mickey whispered to me.

I shrugged.

"Boy," I said loudly, "it sure is quiet. I wonder why?"

"Oh, you know why," said Heather grumpily. She looked at Mickey and smiled. I raised my eyebrows confused. Jordan looked at me and then her. Something was wrong.

"Who wants to go see a movie?" suggested Mickey breaking the silence. I still stared at Heather from the rearview mirror, my eyebrows slowly descending. She looked at Mickey, still smiling.

We walked into the movie theater, Mickey holding my hand.

"4 tickets to any movie with romance, action, girls, and cars," said Mickey.

"Sorry, dude," said the guy, "but I wish there was a movie like that. The closest thing we got is this one."

The guy pointed to a poster.

"Alright, then that," said Mickey.

"And how old are you guys?"

"We're all 17."

"Ok, good. 'Cause it's rated R."


He handed Mickey the tickets. Mickey gave me a ticket first, then Heather, and then Jordan. In that moment, when Mickey and Heather's hand touched, she giggled. A surge of anger washed through me, but I had to hold it in. Mickey wrapped his arm around me and we walked into the theater. It was pretty much empty. Mickey sat in between me and Heather. Mickey was watching the movie, I watched Heather, and she watched Mickey. Jordan was watching Heather, the movie, and the popcorn.

"Hey Mickey," she said, "can I have some popcorn?"

"You have some in your hands," he said.

"Ooops," she said dropping it, "now can I have some?"

"No," he said, "you dropped it, you buy it."

I smiled. She stomped out of the movie theater with her wallet. He watched the movie and some girl in a bikini with gigantic boobs came on screen and Mickey and Jordan stared.

"Mickey!" I whispered harshly. He looked at me with sorry eyes.

" Sorry, baby, I still love you," he said kissing me. Heather came back. She sat down. She put her hand over her eye.

"Mickey," she said "in pain", "there's something in my eye. Can you see if you can get it?"

"Sure," said Mickey. He looked for a second.

"There's nothing there."


Throughout the whole movie, she bothered Mickey and ignored Jordan and me. Mickey didn't want to talk to her, I could tell. When the movie was done, we walked outside.

"Awesome movie," said Mickey and Jordan to the guy at the ticket booth.

"Right?" he said. They talked for a couple minutes.

"Well," said Mickey, "I kind of parked far. So I'll just go and get it."

"I'll come with you," said Heather.

"How bout we all go?" I suggested through my teeth.

"Are you sure?" said Mickey.


Mickey told me to hop onto his back and he piggy-backed me to the car. Jordan tried to hold Heather's hand, she tried to keep up with Mickey. Poor Jordan. I let go as soon as we came to the car. I leaned against the car and Mickey kissed me. I could feel Heather staring. I got in and of course Heather stared at Mickey. What had gotten into her?

The End

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