Chapter 3Mature

I ran inside to the living room, my sister left  the gallon and spill on the floor. She was talking on the phone, actually laughing. I cleaned up the spill, listening to the conversation as best as I could.

"Oh no... really? Mmm... hmmm... Oh my God, I'd love to come!" said my sister. A faint mumbling came from the other side.

"Ok, I'll be there!"

She hung up looking at me, smiling.

"Who were you talking to?"

"None of your buisness. Anyway, thanks for cleaning up the spill and sorry about the scream. I freaked out."

"I see. Where are you going?"

"Party. There's this new place in down town and a friend is picking me up."

"Is that friend a boy?"

"That info is classified."

"Sam, are you going on a date?"

"No, we're just friends."

"Yeah, that's what Mickey and I were."

I laughed at my own crappy joke. She raised her eyebrows.


"Anyway, I'm gonna go take a shower."

She walked upstairs and in about 20 minutes, she came downstairs stunning. Her blonde hair was curled at the bottom. She wore shiny lip gloss and a strapless top and skinny jeans. Her blue eyes were lined in dark eyeliner.

"Hott," said Mickey all wet.

"When did you come here?" asked my sister.

I stared at him, then her.

"Nevermind that. I think I heard a horn. Bye!" I said.

I shoved her out the door. She went in a car. I couldn't see who it was. They drove off.

"Why did you come in here?" I said.

"I forgot."

"Well, whatever. We have the whole house to ourselves. What to do?"

"Take a shower..." he said pulling me closer to him.

"Okay... you in the upstairs one. I got downstairs..." I said smiling. I knew what he wanted. I wasn't gonna give it to him.

The End

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