Chapter 2Mature

I placed my hand slowly in the mountain of soap. I was scared if I was gonna touch something nasty, like a wet piece of tomato or cheese. My dishwasher was broken and the guy was coming tomorrow. My sister, for some reason, had been eating a lot lately and I had to do all the chores around the house. The sun shined through the deck doors which gave my kitchen a homely look. I loved the kitchen. Not only because Mickey and I had "that" moment at his house. Okay... okay... exactly because of that. Whenever I walked in the kitchen, or anyone's house, it's like I was living that moment over and over again. I touched something wet and nasty. A chunk of meat.

I thought I might puke. It was bitten and wet and soft and hard at the same time. Someone opened the door. I was nervous. I forgot I left the door open and I was wearing my bikini because I had just gone for a swim in the pool. I was too scared to say something. I just forgot about it thinking it was just my imagination until two hands were placed on my waist.

"God, you freaked me out."


Mickey turned me around and kissed me.

"Not now," I said, "I have to wash the dishes and take a shower. Sorry, baby."

"Lemme help you with that."

He turned me around to face the sink and he put his strong arms around me and placed his hands in the sink. Once we actually finished, I said thanks. There was a bunch of left over soap in the sink and I grabbed some in my hands.

"Hey you got something on your forehead," I said.

He tried to take it off.

"Is it gone?"

I shook my head.

"Lemme get it for you."

I placed my hand full of soap on his forehead and he looked at me.

"You didn't really get it did you?" He smiled and said, "You better run!"

I ran out of the kitchen outside into the backyard, Mickey running after me. We ran around the pool until I eventually cannon-balled into the pool. I mean, I was already in my bikini.

"Ha ha, baby," I said, "you can't get me now. You can't come in the pool."

"Oh yes I can!"

He slipped off his polo. I stared at him raising my eyebrows smiling.

"Oh c'mon! My shorts will dry eventually."

"Right... c'mon in, sweetie!" I said teasingly.

"I will."

He jumped in swimming after me. I smiled. When finally got me, he kissed me.

"You wanna put soap on me? Well, here's your punishment."

He pulled me toward him and kissed me intensly. When he finally let go, I swam underwater He came with me. We both went back up to get some air.

"Mickey," I said, "I looove your punishments."

"Who doesn't?"

He kissed me again. Through the glass doors, I saw my sister, messy-haired, a robe, her bunny slippers, dark circles under her eyes. She took a gallon of milk from the fridge and drank from the top. She looked horrible.

"Wait," I said against Mickey's lips. He let go. "She can't see us like this. All happy in love."

"Right." Mickey swam out of the way so she couldn't see him through the glass doors. When she came outside on the deck, she looked down at me. Mickey held his nose and went underwater.

"Why are you swimming?" her voice croaked. The gallon of milk was still in her hand.


I wasn't sure how long Mickey could stay underwater.


She sat down on the deck chair.

"You know," she said swallowing a big gulp of milk, "I mean, I don't know why John broke up with me? I mean seriously."

"Um... sis? Are you gonna go on one of those rants again? Because... I just need to know..."

"No, sorry for wasting your time. I know you need to go somewhere with Mickey. Because you have a life. Everyone does... except me. Even Mom and Dad are having fun..."

She kept talking on her way back into the kitchen. When she disappeared, Mickey came back up. He blinked water out of his eyes.

"Sorry, baby."

"It's okay. I've got strong lungs. Years on the swim team."

I pushed him gently.

"Show off," I said.

"Hey, look you're an artist. You paint, you play guitar, you write poems so good that you should publish them, and you're a good kisser."

I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him.

"Is that good?" I whispered.


He placed his lips on mine and walked through the water with me on his waist. But I knew one thing, I thought I heard a scream from the living room and big spill and a thud. My sister needed a new boyfriend. Really.

The End

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