I Love Her Glow Enough To Let You Go

There is no reason for sorrow when the person you care deeply for has finally found what's best, even if it isn't yourself, because if you love em you will do what's best for them. Sometimes that means letting them go.

I expected heartache as I passed the two in the hallway, holding hands, happy to be together. It made me think of all the things I missed. He was so absorbed by her his was oblivious to my presence, for the better. I kept walking and I glanced back to see her expression as he pressed his lips to her cheek. Pure joy. Her face lit up with happiness, erasing the longing she had displayed for so long. And I glowed inside. There were no regrets. The two made each other so happy. Much happier than I could have done, and it didn't hurt to admit it. 

Seeing him make her glow warmed my heart, because I knew it was what he needed. He gave so much, and he had found the person to give it all back. And she was finally happy. Her radiance is still tingling in my mind. 

As I disappeared into the crowds, I had the fleeting familiar ache to find what they had. But I knew, I was not going to find it with him. And that was fine. Heartaches pass, and things happen for the better. I turned my view from them, and headed into the masses. I was going to be fine.

The End

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