I love Church and hate Religion

I love my Church. I live in this tiny village and our only community gathering places are the church, primary school, village hall and pub. So this church, it's incredibly beautiful. It's on a slight hill with these stone walls keeping the dirt in, beige stone steps and paths leading to it and this little stream running past it on the far left side. The church itself is plain, made of grey stone and with a white and black clock on the tower, which is short and stocky with one of those roofs that have one stone tall then another short then tall then short all the way round. 

It's beautiful in the winter; they put a big old christmas tree with lights all round it up on top of the tower and even though I live at the very edge of the village I can see the lights from the wondow in the hall. And the snow is delicate on the big oak out in front of it.

And then in spring, the daffodils are picturesque and line the graves and walls with yellow and the sun blazes the church with light and brings life to the idea that God is light. My friend got married when it was like that and they're the most beautiful pictures.

And inside is even more special. The pews are wooden with simple engravings at the edge and have red carpets running over the seats. There are simple tapestries depicting the village's history, and grey pillars and white plaster and a purple banner covered in gold handprints that says something to the effect of "King of Kings". And we have this amazing band, a full orchestra with violins, flutes, organ, piano, saxophone, the occasional harp, clarinet, horns, and this weird piano-like instrument that you blow into. And of course my dad with his eyes closed playing the drums and bobbing around like there's no tomorrow. And at Christmas there are these Mary, Joseph and baby jesus dolls in the Nativity scene, and over advent the shepherds and wise men get closer and closer positioned around the church until finally they arrive in the nativity scene on Christmas day. And there's the Christmas tree, filled with lights and homemade decorations that the children made 10 years ago (they're so embarrassed that they're still up there) and bought decorations and tinsel and the children of the church put all the decorations o the tree so they're all lopsided and falling off.

And I love that. I love my Church. I just hate religion.

The End

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