Refuge in the Morning



Life slowly materialises before her adjusting, sleep-filled eyes, and she feels the warmth and comfort of his dormant arms wrapped lovingly around her

She quietly brings her hand up to gently stroke his face; to trace the outlines and the curves that make him, in true admiration and adoration. If happiness could be caught in a moment, it would be here, for, as he stirs and an innocent smile flickers on his lips, he is captured in it, but he does not know it.

She gazes at him for a while, then nestles back into his chest, hiding from the reality that they will soon be apart again, and her mornings will once again start with a nervous jump and an immediate need to get out of bed, instead of those delicate, precious times of reunion, for which she will yearn when they are not together.

He looks at her, dazed, when the first words said to him that morning are, "I will never take you for granted", but he knows that it's a promise.

The End

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