I like Me Better

A poem answering some of the people who criticize my lifestyle and how I do things in general.

I fall to easily for those who are nice to me
I believe in lies because they make me feel better than my reality
I am guilty of believing in dreams come true
and ignoring the simple true facts
I am hopeless in my plights 
but happy in my dellusions
and as people continue to point out whats wrong with me
I will continue to find happiness with those who like me for what I am now
I'm happy with myself and happy with my life
Things will get better at their own pace
So if you are so content with telling me what I need 
And why it is I'm a failure
or why it is i'm single 
Remember I can just as easily pick out your imperfections
but I don't want to be like you cause i like me better.

The End

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