I Like Him But He Likes My Best Friend .xMature

A touching story about how a guy can use a girl to get a relationship with her best friend. This can happen in real life and can be very painful for the girl who likes the boy .x

Chapter One

May's PVO

My alarm clock always seemed to go off just as I was starting to fall asleep. All the night I had been thinking about him, his smile, his voice, his touch when he hugged me. I just led there all night staring at my blank ceiling, wondering what it would be like if we were together. I knew it would probably never happen as I knew he liked my best mate Lucy, but I never wanted to give up any hope on him. Liam was his name, and I had known him for four years, and for all those years I had loved him, and it broke my heart to know that he liked her and not me.

I looked at the clock which had started to play the new Lady GaGa song, the radio coming on to make sure that I didn't fall back asleep again. Grumpily I swang my legs out of my bed, throwing back the covers as I went, and opend up the door to my un-suite bathroom. I turned on the shower and threw my tank top and shorts into the corner of the room, and let the hot water flow over my body. It felt so good I spent ten minutes in there, and earned a yelling at from my sister but it was worth it to have such a nice time so early in the morning.

I walked into my closet and chose my tight jeans and a bright red top. It that didn't get Liam's attention I dont't think that anything actually would, and that was something that I didn't want to face the fact of. I turned to my mirror and sighed. Time to sort out my hair!

The End

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