Life as we knew it 1-5


 In the beginning there was the "big baby theory". The first chapter starts off with the line, "Lisa is pregnant."  It hit us hard and we didn't even know who Lisa was or who was narrating at this time. As we proceed to read on we soon find out Lisa, was the narrator Miranda's step mom.  In the chapter "Spring" there is a lot of discussion on the baby and how Miranda was going to be the godmother but she was not truly thrilled over that title. I connected to this section because my father and stepmom are wanting a child. I already have one sibling I would be upset too if I had to have another... The chapter also talks about her mom and moms boyfriend. We also get to see her struggle with playing sports because her mom doesn't want to spend the money.

   In section Two we join Miranda as she notices everyone talking about the moon as if it was the latest dress Selena Gomez had on. Miranda watched CNN with her family and all the astronomers were thrilled about the event. The family relied on CNN this chapter. Their mom told them at one point “come on in, kids. We will see what CNN has to say about all of this”.  Later on they lost satellite and had to use a radio. They then heard that tsunamis were flooding areas with loved ones of theirs. At the end of the chapter we can tell Miranda is scared… So scared she can't even look at the moon.

  Part Three was filled with many emotions. It started with her getting to talk to her dad finally and finding out he was ok as well as Lisa and her grandmother. She hopes this is all a dream… Closer to the end of this chapter there is a lot of craziness going on! Miranda tells us that traffic lights were out and trees had fallen and everyone was just so confused and shocked. The stores had a deal where you could fill a basket with however much stuff for a certain price so her mom gave everyone certain things to get. Miranda and Mrs.Nesbitt agree cookies are necessary but her mom told them soup would be more reasonable. At the end she watched her more have a break down. She said “and then she started crying. That was two hours ago. I don’t think she’s stopped crying yet”.

  Next chapter school was canceled.  The President came on and told them things they already knew such as the folding. Gas had went way up in price! Then every fast food place was closed which made Miranda feel weird inside because this wasn't normal. Matt finally came home in this chapter and seemed to make things better.  The electricity  had came on in the middle of the night and their mom had stayed up hoping to dry them before it went back off.  Miranda was told by petter at the end of the chapter that rumor has it “they might just close school next week”.

  Last but not least chapter five. This chapter will end my summaries for this page. In chapter five it started off with her telling us school had cancelled all final exams. Also Mrs.Nesbitt brought eggs! They were all so happy when she brought these. I can't even imagine getting excited about eggs… i'm so used to seeing them I guess I just wouldn't know the feeling. The last day of schooled was at the end of this chapter. It ended with them eating open faced sandwiches and her then going home because it was pointless to stay. She got home and went swimming at the Miller’s Pond. When she got out she started to think of the peanut butter and jelly. I think she was hungry at this point because she went into deep thought about them. She had tuna that night but tells us “I couldn’t stop thinking about peanut butter and jelly”. This was a very intense 5 chapters. Susan Beth Pfeffer has a way of filling so much into five chapters but keeping it evened out.

The End

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