The greater forces must have disagreed, because I suffered a tremendous blow. Or more so, my mother did. And the car that hit her was fine. All I know, is i should have been the one driving, and should not have allowed her to punish me to the passenger's seat, because then I wouldn't have to live the guilt of a liar. Things play out, and there is not a way to change the future, and people get hurt. I swore to never hurt another soul: I would never tell another lie.

In my time of recovery, he was my stability. He showed me to cover myself with make up so no one could see the honest state of my face. Perched above my hose were those wretched sun glasses he had given me to shield me from the horrors of the world, or alienate me from it.

In the place of my cleats, was an ipod. I came to memorize every female oppressioning song, and go so far as to find more, and spread the virus to others.He introduced me to drugs, he got me hooked on artificial flavors, and I got in a fight for the first time. He told me it was his job to bring me back down to earth and set me back on my feet. Now i think he set me back on someone else's feet. At the time, I thought he was teaching me how to live.

The End

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