Bedazzled Terror

I soppose it started when our friendship started. That would be me outside a dreadfully boring dress store, waiting for claire to get off the phone so we could find some place with air conditioning.

A tap on the window behind us, some waving, and we were inside a dress store running around trying to find the ugliest thing we could find.

He burst from the dressing room, a tight sparkly grey tank top with flowing flaps covered in bedazzled terror, I in a snake appearing dress.

I didn't know who he was, or where he came from, but a chest bump and high five later all three of us, bedazzled terror and all, were laughing and walking down the street in zigzag lines. I had a shopping bag in hand, made of a plastic that had ruined I didn't even want to know how many wild creatures lives. In it, a confining black something or other I would never wear because for one, I don't wear black, and two, I will not let clothes dictate how I move.

I remember laying in bed that night, thinking of how much i had changed, buying something so contradictory to my lifestyle, and falling asleep thinking that wasn't such a bad thing.

The End

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