I know you're there, somewhere...Mature

Lara Stone, an 18 year old girl, believes in love at first sight. Her bookshelves are filled with romantic novels, and under her bed lies an old, tattered book bursting with wedding photos and dresses that had been cut out by her when she was younger.
She knows her true love is out there somewhere, but all she has to do is find him...

(first part) CHAPTER 1

I reached under my bed. A small piece of my fair, blonde hair fell onto my face, shading one misty blue eye from seeing what was lurking underneath.

Not much was lurking there. Dust and dirt, long forgotten sheets of crumpled up paper and chewed pencils. But in the middle of all the mess was the soft, velvety purple book, the crisp, white sheets of paper covered with drawings and pictures of long, white dresses with amazing detail , all sorts of different hairstyles, and beautiful wedding venues all over the country.

I gently pulled it out before carefully opening the delicate pages. I looked at every single picture, running my fingers down the dresses. I read every comment I had neatly wrote next to the pictures. I slowly turn the page, and discover it filled up with every different hairstyle under the sun. I scan through the pictures, and find a beautifully simple (yet effective) picture of a pretty girl's hair that had been plaited and then been made into a bun.

I stand up, the heavy book still in my hands, and walk over to the long mirror in the corner of my bedroom. I slowly brush my long hair, plait it and tie it up. I turn around and look. I smile.

The End

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