The Intertwining of Fates ContinuedMature

Items needed

A and B's birthstones

2 crystal balls 

2 vials of Blissy's Sleeping Draught

2 china models, chosen by A and B (choice must only be theirs) of either a unicorn, a dragon, a hippogriff or a stag

2 shirts with breast pockets in A and B's favourite colours (so if A likes blue, their shirt is blue)


At start, A and B are wearing the shirts of their respective favourite colours with their respective birthstones, their chosen china model and a vial each of Blissy's Sleeping Draught in their breast pockets. Crystal balls should be placed on the ground at A and B's feet.

1) Party A declares 'I will always love you [insert name of Party B].

2) Party B repeats (inserting name of Party A). 

3) A: 'I will never leave you.'

4) B repeats.

5) A: 'Life would be unbearable without you'.

6) B repeats.

7) A: 'It is a crime against nature for us to be apart.'

8) B: 'Let us become inseparable.'

9) A picks up their crystal ball, closes their eyes and holds in mind their favourite colour, their birthstone and some aspect of their personality that they feel defines them. A should count to ten (note: a tingling feeling will be felt in their fingers) and then hand the crystal ball, now full of The Magical Light of the Soul, to B.

10) B holds A's crystal ball in one hand, picks up their own crystal ball with the other and does the same as A.

11) Both parties are now holding each other's Crystal Balls. Together they say, "Shine on me, oh light of my beloved's soul."

12) Ribbons will appear out of the crystal balls (from inside), the colour of the parties' auras. These should be tied together.

13) The now connected crystal balls are placed on the floor, a little to the side (out of the way for when A and B fall forwards). A declares 'Our fates are nearly entwined."

14) Out of their pockets, A and B should pull their birthstones and china models. A and B should declare something which makes them like their china models, thus activating Profound Power.

15) A and B exchange items, declaring "All that is mine is yours, including my destiny, my heart and my essence." 

16) B declares "Let the final spell be cast. Forces behind The Magical Light of the Soul and Profound Power unite."

17) China models and birthstones are placed in the breast pocket of the holder and A and B say "This pocketing of these items of my beloved is symbolic: the items, and, therefore, my beloved are close to my heart."

18) The vials of Blissy's Sleeping Draught are pulled out and the corks removed.

19) A holds a vial to B's mouth and B holds the other to A's mouth. They gently tip the potion down each other's throats.

20) A and B sink to their knees and hold each other as they fall asleep. The magic works and they awake with joined souls. The crystal balls should be kept in a safe place where they can be cherished as symbolic of the bond between the two parties.


As of yet, no way has been found to reverse the intertwining of fates. Even death cannot separate the two parties. It is thought that if the crystal balls were smashed, the birthstones and china models returned to their previous owner and an unforgivable action carried out (namely marriage to another party, conception of a child with another party or violent abuse towards the 'beloved' one), the bonds might break. It should be noted, however, that the bonds are made out of the original parties' heartstrings and that any damage done to them would cause severe agony and, potentially, death.

I looked up at Peter, shocked by the last word on the scroll. 

"I knew this was permanent, but I never imagined it could kill us if we tried to reverse it!"

Peter shrugged. "What did you expect? It's called the Intertwining of Fates but really, it's the Intertwining of Souls."

I took a deep breath. "Um, I need to think before we do anything like this, Peter. It's so serious... Wow, I feel like I was messing around in the gardens of Flora, now. Can you give me a minute?"

"However long you need."

I stood up and walked out of the cave. Even though I hadn't agreed to anything yet, the gravity of the Intertwining of Fates bore down upon me.

I sat down and got comfortable on a random patch of grass. I had some serious considering to do.

The End

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