Dark PassionMature

A sense of dark thoughts... I felt as though enshrouded by a magical black cape. The dark aura that Romulus possessed (which hadn't totally escaped my notice when he'd first appeared in the gardens) seemed to envelop me, chilling my insides yet sending thrills of pleasure coursing through me, meaning I shivered from delight as well as cold. The darkness chased away my anxiety, my inhibitions ... and all knowledge of Peter's existence, including any recollection of what his kiss felt like. I was immersed in Romulus and I was enjoying it. Dark somehow became passionate and cold somehow became heat (something that you were drawn to like fire and that was extremely pleasant, not forgetting an indication of more passion).

I broke away. Swaying slightly from the intoxicating sweetness of the sensations of the last few minutes, I said "We had better stop now."

I found it was pitch black again - Romulus had obviously put the lighter away when he'd reached out to hold my hips (something I hadn't even noticed he'd done until this moment) - but he was suppressing my fear with his mind.

"Had we?" he asked, and his tone and the memories of the feel of his kiss made him irresistible.

"Maybe not," I replied weakly and leant up to kiss him. The feelings repeated themselves and fire raged within me as they once again overrode my senses.

When we stopped, I wondered if a kiss was poisonous: I couldn't think, couldn't get a decent lungful of air, felt giddy and like I'd experienced something dangerous (but fun), seemed to have adrenaline in my system... and wanted more, as if a kiss were an addictive drug (I certainly couldn't doubt that Romulus's was an illegal substance). I felt high, I felt bad (though this was cool rather than undesirable, I felt like I was burning and it was incredible.

Romulus, who was in contact with most parts of my body, having pushed me up against the wall with the force of his kisses, whispered in my ear "Don't tie your soul to Peter's: he's too good - too decent - for you."

While his delicious proximity sent shivers down my spine, part of my mind was waking up: the part containing my sensibility and conscience.

"What have I done?" I asked, horrified.

Romulus brought out his lighter so we could see. He looked concerned.

"Are you okay?"

"No! What did I just do?!"

Romulus grinned. "You played with fire."

"I know that. Why?"

"Because the dark is irresistible," Romulus replied simply.

"But what about Peter? I've betrayed his trust!"

"Yeah, but you've learnt something from it. You won't be so quick to intertwine your fates now. You may even be considering doing so with someone else."

He winked and the part of me which had enjoyed kissing him chuckled.

"But he knows me! All I've ever longed for in life..."

"Is romance?" Romulus interrupted.

"Is to be understood," I finished.

"I can understand you. Better than yourself, since I knew you'd like the dark. Better than Peter 'cause I'm willing to bet he won't get why you kissed me. You don't see what the kiss means. For us. I'm dark personified but able to love and you're love personified but able to be dark - we complement each other, Tilda!" Romulus sounded excited.

"I can ask Peter to be dark and passionate. In fact, that's what I will do. Take me back to him."

His voice resuming its natural volume and losing its excitement, he replied "What about the crystals? You know, the light which reflects off them creates lots of dark corners..." His wicked grin played across his features.

"I want to see Peter!"

"Oh, fine then," he said, sighing in exasperation.

The End

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