The Intertwining of FatesMature

The Intertwining of Fates... Suddenly, I felt important and as if this decision was almost too great to make. Peter evidently also felt its significance as he sat up to continue to read it. I sat up too, not wanting to seem like this was nothing.


1) Both parties must desire this.

2) Above-mentioned parties must be in love with each other.

3) Both parties must appreciate that this will change their lives permanently.

Peter gazed at me, looking very serious. "Do you fulfil the conditions on your part?"

I nodded, but started to feel a little anxious.

Effects of intertwining fates

1) Parties will experience a psychic connection

2) Party A will become the most important person in Party B's life and vice versa.

3) The parties' souls will become tied together and the parties will have a joint destiny.

I glanced up at Peter. "A psychic connection? What's that?"

Peter looked at me and smiled. "We'll be able to hear each other's thoughts and even probe each other's minds."

"Hm, can't you do that already?"

I jumped at the sound of this unfamiliar voice. I looked up to see a tall guy with ebony-black hair, pale skin and dark blue eyes which, like Peter's, made me think 'dragons' and 'caves'. He looked a little scary but as well as chills, I felt small thrills of pleasure as if it was an honour to be talked to by this stranger.

Peter looked annoyed and rolled up the scroll. It stayed rolled up in his hand.

"What d'you want, Romulus?" he asked.

The End

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