Romulus looked momentarily confused but nodded, though still with a slightly furrowed brow. I stood up and kissed him before resting my head on his shoulder. As usual, I fainted during the journey.

I came to in a cave I had in reality only seen the previous day but which seemed to be a part of ancient history. So much had changed since Peter and I had sat here finishing reading the scroll about The Intertwining of Fates.  

Peter had jumped up, obviously surprised by the presence of his brother and I, and he looked at me, his expression asking what we were doing here.

"I asked Romulus to bring me here so you could help me discover myself," I said.

Romulus was frowning but Peter smiled. He looked at Romulus and said "I'll only be half an hour or so - I realise how much you wanted to spend today with her."

Romulus nodded reluctantly, saying "You better keep to that time," before letting go of me and walking out of the cave.

"Sit down," Peter said, gesturing to the pile of thick rugs which was his bed.

I did so, crossing my legs. Peter sat in front of me, doing the same.

"Right, I was thinking that maybe meditation could help clear your thoughts and show you what's really important to you," Peter told me. "I don't know what you think about it, and if you don't like that idea, I have some other things you might like to try."

"Meditation sounds good," I replied.

"Right, close your eyes and let your breathing become calm and regulated."

I closed my eyes and waited for my breathing to slow to a rate at which it would be possible for me to inhale and exhale more deeply. As I waited, I let insignificant thoughts drift away and cleared a big space in the centre of my mind.

Then, I began to breathe more slowly. I counted as I inhaled; making the numbers I was counting to gradually larger until I got to about ten.

 "Wow, it's like you know how to do this already, Tilly," Peter said, sounding impressed. "You must be so relaxed right now. Okay now.... ask yourself some questions."

"What sort?"

"The ones you'd like to be answered. Like, how does your heart work? I don't know - things like that. I might try and access the astral planes while you do that."

"The what?"

"Never mind - it's a dragon thing."

So I proceeded, awkwardly, to ask myself some questions. After a while, I figured it would just be easier if I continued my earlier contemplations - the answers I needed lay in whatever came of those.

Tranquillity reigned and this helped me focus on the task. There were no outside distractions - I wouldn't have known Peter was there if I hadn't heard him breathing - and I was totally comfortable upon this mat. In fact, so comfortable that I drifted off to sleep.

The End

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