Exploring the BedroomMature

Inside lay an impossibly large room, four-poster beds decked out in different colors with splendid sheets and pillows, thick duvets thrown over them. 

There were five beds in the dorm, and Blaire headed towards the gray one, seeing the thick woollen blanket folded at the end. 

The other four had red, yellow, purple, and blue sheets. Blaire could vaguely recall that her house - St Muir - had gray as it's color. Huh. 

Looking around, she realized that her bags had been moved to the end of it. Upon further observation, there were other people's bags everywhere too. She got up and searched for tags on the trunks and other luggage.

The labels read Sam Tennanty, Leonara Murdock, and Zael Wolfe. She couldn't find a label on the last trunk.

Feeling tired, she retreated to the bed and lay her head down.

She'd only sleep for a moment...

The End

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