The Deserted Common RoomMature

She hit the bottom with a grunt, and looked around, heaving herself off the net and onto the cold stone floor.

There was a door to her left that was... glowing.


"Okay," She muttered to herself, walking over to it and opening it, slipping inside and shutting it behind her.

Inside, she had to blink against the bright light that her eyes were assaulted with.

A large common room lay in front of her, a fire burning merrily inside the grate, and comfortable-looking chairs placed strategically in front of it. On the floor lay a thick carpet, Blaire's feet sinking into it.

There were three doors in the room, the one Blaire entered through sinking into the background. 

They were marked GIRLS, BOYS, and OTHER.

Blaire twisted the knob for the one marked with the appropriate gender, stepping inside hesitantly. 

The End

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