The Entrance to the First Year DormsMature

"Calm down, calm down!" Robert shouted as the First Years caused a clamour in their fear.

"But we're going to need one volunteer." Melinda added. "Don't worry. This is a tunnel. There's a net at the bottom to catch you. When you're down there, you'll see a door, and you'll go through it. It'll be fine. I've done this thousands of times. I just can't go down there with you. I'm not a First Year."

But the students had really only absorbed the beginning of what she said, and were now looking around for said volunteer. Against her will, Blaire found herself pushed to the front.

"What? No! I don't want to do this!" She almost shouted, petrified by anxiety.

"It's alright." Robert assured her, and she looked down into the darkness.

Unwillingly, she shuffled her feet forwards.

"Fine." She whispered, and jumped.

The End

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