Through the Mansion and OutMature

Falwon Mansion was only part of Vine Institution. 

The Mansion contained the Great Hall, the entrance, and all of the teacher's offices (as well as the Headmistress') but the classrooms and dorms were situated in the latter part of VI, which was Clearemoore Castle.

A glass walkway connected the two, stretching into the forest and into the giant clearing that hosted Clearemoore. The First Years and the house prefects all walked through the large walkway, emerging into the Castle and into a circular room that showed the entrances to six hallways, banners over each.

Melinda and Robert led Blaire and the others into the dark hallway with the kitsune, and they walked in silence through the dark corridor.

But on the other side, there were doors. Tons of them, about 12. The First Years were led through the door marked One.

The ten of them glanced around at each other, a tad scared. They were only seven, after all, and boarding school seemed like a terrifying prospect.

But inside it was just dark.

They stumbled around, bumping into one another, before one kid screamed.

She had seen the huge hole in the middle of the floor.

The End

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