Prefects Melinda and RobertMature

After the sorting was finished, Blaire glanced nervously around the table, the chatter starting up again.

There were girls with purple hair, boys with piercings lining the shell of their ear, but they all wore their uniform: white button-up, sweater/vest, tie, trousers for the boys and a kneesock-skirt combo for the girls who chose to wear it. 

Except for one thing.

A cloak.

Gray cloaks dominated the table, scattered here and there. They all had a simple wolf stitched in maroon across the back. 

Okay. Even with Blaire's seven-year-old perspective, that was weird. They had a simple clasp at the neck, varying with each person, but all had a flowing back and a hood. None were up, though.

Glancing around, she could see that there were green ones too, as well as blue, red, yellow, and purple.


Luckily, her child's attention span quickly had her diverting her attention back to the people at the long wooden table. A tall girl and a shorter boy were walking towards the new students huddled at the end of the bench, near the back of the hall, and slid onto the end.

"Hi!" The boy waved at them all, and, being curious, they all looked at him. 

The girl cleared her throat. "Hello, we're this year's prefects. That means we're in charge of helping you people - 'you people' being all of you newbies - find your way around, and we're also in charge of enforcing rules." She cast a heavy look around the young kids, making sure they understood that she was serious.

"Alright!" The boy clapped his hands together. "Now, my name's Robert Dake, and this here's Melinda Easad. We'll lead you to your dorms now."

With that, he stood up, and they noticed the other First Years and the house prefects flooding out the doors. The new St Muirians followed Melinda and Robert, feeling confused and a bit scared at all this new stuff.

The End

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