Sorted (Finally)Mature

"Hey!" The boy snapped, righting himself. When Blaire shuffled her feet, his face turned to face her. "Oh, hello." He said. "What's your name?"

Before the kid could answer, Sam interrupted. "This is Blaire," She exclaimed.

"I'm Felix." The boy smiled in the newcomer's direction.

She held a hand out instinctively, and Felix made a clicking sound with his tongue before reaching out, his hand missing hers initially before landing in on his second try.

"Leo!" He called after releasing her hand, Blaire and Sam watching as a girl with shoulder-length white hair fought her way through the people, disgruntled by the time she reached them.

"Yes, Felix?" She huffed.

"This is Blaire and Sam." He smiled at her, and the sharp edge in her eyes softened slightly. "Blaire, this is Leo!" He said to the brunette, introducing Leo to both of the other girls.

"G-guh-gu-" Blaire stuttered over the word 'good', and coughed to cover her blunder, instead saying, "Nice to meet you."

Nobody had time to remark upon it because Sam heard something and shushed the other three.

"-lix Lucien, Leonara Murdock, Samantha Tennanty, Blaire Munda." The old man peered into the crowd expectantly.

The four of them emerged nervously.

Professer Videre surveyed each of them in turn before announcing "Lucien, St Poe. Murdock, Burgunae. Tennanty, Goreld. Munda..." He leaned forwards, letting the uncharacteristic pause drag on for a moment before deciding, "St Muir." And waving them on.

Blaire watched sadly as they all split up, the four of them heading to their separate tables before heading towards her own, the gray banner above the table looking like an omen of some sort.

She could hear the last few being sorted, and listened as she nervously took her place beside another First Year, perched at the end of the benches. 

"Pandora Elixe, Wanda Reilly, Amanda Higashi, Carter O'Patrick." 

After a brief moment of deliberation, they were divided. The pause was evident this time, too. "Elixe, Fleely. Reilly, Goreld. Higashi, Vioesti. O'Patrick, St Poe."

The End

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