And Here Comes the OthersMature

A man hobbled towards them, bent over and leaning on a cane for support. He too wore glasses, but they had a thick wooden frame, carvings etched along the sides, like some lost language. As they watched, the lens seemed to shimmer, but then the kids blinked and it was gone.

He cleared his throat and called for three students.

"Edna Frels, Ronnie Medluck, and Donald Throch."

The trio stepped forwards, and he peered at each of them in turn. "Medluck, you're in Goreld. Frels, Vioesti. Throch, Burgunae."

Then he waved them off, each seeming to stumble towards one of the seven tables stretching across the hall.

Then he started again.

"Melda Formeld, Gunter Ques, Seela..."

The words faded into the distance as Blaire, with her seven-year-old attention span, zoned out. Looking around, she could see Pandora, the obnoxious blonde leaning against the stone wall, observing the proceedings with interest. She's boring, the girl decided, and found someone else to occupy her mind.


A fidgety girl towards the right side of the group had her eyes flitting everywhere, amazed by everything. Next to her was a boy, almost bored. He had dull green eyes, but he wasn't ugly.

Blaire moved towards them as subtly as she could.

"Hey," She whispered to the ginger, leaning over. 

"Oh!" The girl jumped in surprise. "Oh, hi." She smiled amiably, all of her slightly crooked teeth showing. 

Blaire personally thought that the other girl should get braces like her. "I'm Blaire," She said, sticking a hand out like-

She felt like choking, but she swallowed the urge. Her dad had taught her to always shake people's hands. To always be polite.

But the other kid grasped it nevertheless, and shook enthusiastically. "I'm Sam." 

Blaire gave her own crooked smile (not in terms of her teeth, though) and replied, "I'm Blaire."

"Here!" Sam grinned and grabbed the arm of the dark-haired boy next to her, the one with the dull green eyes. He stumbled as he was pulled around to face the girl.

The End

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