Headmistress Rhoden AnnouncesMature

A sharp clang was heard, before the chatter in the Great Hall went silent. The students all turned to look up to the front of the room, all of them seated on the benches except for the new students, who were lined up in neat rows at the back of the giant room.

"Welcome to another year at Vine Institution." There was a woman, her gray hair pulled into a bun at the back of her head, her eyes stern and covered with wire-rimmed glasses.

"To those of you who survived last year-" At this, the young students crowded at the back looked uneasily at each other, "- and those who have decided to return, I wish you many months as a successful students. To the new students who have come to our school, I hope that you will find that the school suits your needs aptly.

"As most of you know, Burgunae is for the students who display acts of reckless courage. They are the dragons. Goreld is for the caring, their creature is a phoenix. Vioesti is for the creators, represented by a hippocampus. Fleely is the intelligent, with a leucrocuta as their creature. St Muir is the kitsune, and has those who find themselves as artists - of words, paints, music or otherwise. And St Poe is for the others. The manticores. I will say no more on that topic."

She cleared her throat. "I am Headmistress Rhoden. Now, if Professor Videre would please proceed to the back and sort the newbies, thank you." The headmistress stepped away from the podium.

The End

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