The Great HallMature

Blaire was taken to a room by a man, who seemed nice enough. The man placed her bags on the bed and then lead her to an insanely large hall, six long wooden tables steretching to the end, students sitting on the benches and chattering among themselves.

Banners hung on the walls - one with a dragon, the background a dark red, like stained blood; another with a hippocampus, the rest of the banner a rich plum color; then there was a yellow one, a phoenix depicted on the fabric; after that came a large wolf, it's muzzle a suspicious shade of maroon and the setting a slate gray; the next was a leucrocuta, the background colored pale blue; the last was a manticore, enshrouded in a deep green.

Blaire stared at the banners representing the houses with wide eyes. In her mind, she could list their names: Burgunae, Goreld, Vioesti, Fleely, St Muir, and St Poe.

She wondered which she would be in.

And then her attention was distracted by a girl with bleach blonde hair sidling up to her.

"Pandora Elixe." The name was directed at her, but held a snooty air.

"Humph." Blaire turned away, feeling petty but vindicated at taking out her stress by being rude.

Pandora crossed her arms. "Fine. Be like that." She sniped, and walked away.

The End

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