I Know YouMature


With the large, imposing entrance of Vine Institution approaching, the small child began to fell nervousness creeping up on her. A quick peek at her aunt didn't dispel the doubts, as the woman's face was creased in worry.

But they had accepted the scholarship offered, after all. Blaire would just have to stick it out for the year.

When they pulled up to the big doors, the wood elaborately carved, Auntie Sarah sighed, and the kid in the passenger's seat watched the behaviour with a strange twisting sensation in her gut.

"Auntie?" Blaire blinked her wide chocolate eyes up at the woman who had taken her in - at thirty-eight, childless and working in the local pharmacy, Sarah had been brave when the child's parents died, faced with the harsh truth that there was no one else.

She took a deep breath. "Yeah, sweetie?"

"I'm s-" Blaire clutched her toy - a knitted yellow dog, rough to the touch - to her chest. "I'm s-sek-scah-" She tried again.

"Are you feeling fearful?" The older woman provided.

"Um, yes. I'm feeling fearful. Thank you, Auntie." Blaire looked a little more appeased.

"Well, you do have to go in. Okay? I need you to go in. Come on, we'll do it together." She scoped out a parking spot in the giant area, managing to squeeze the small car into a spot and parking, reaching over to release the kid from her booster seat before unbuckling herself and helping Blaire out, the child squeezing her hand as they walked up to the entrance to Vine Institution.

"Uh, hello." Sarah said to the woman at the front desk, who dragged her gaze from her screen long enough to give a polite smile. 

"What can I do for you?"

"I'm here to drop off Blaire Munda. Grade 2, I think." The nervous aunt looked down at the kid, and hazily recalled the face that she was seven. "Uh, yeah. Grade 2."

The End

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