"When you have everything it feels like you have nothing"
That was the last thing Chase's father said to him before he died. And that was exactly how he felt. The typical Mr. Charming Devil, is typically sick of life.
Until he found something worth living for.

'Get rid of her in some way; I don't care how you do it,' Chase snapped to his secretary.

'I've been trying to but she's--'

'If she isn't gone by tonight, you're fired,' He slammed the door of his uncomfortably large house in his face and sank on his uncomfortably expensive couch. 'Urgh. I hate life,' he muttered, massaging his brows.


'That's it...' Felice soothed the cat as she crept closer to it. 'Stay still now and let me touch you...ow!' She slipped from on top of the wall and came crashing down to the ground. The fall wasn't bad enough to induce serious injuries, but it was enough to form bruises and scars on her knees and hands. As she rubbed herself to calm the pain, the cat fled from the scene of the crime. 'Wait, come back! Argh, damn you, cat...' she cursed angrily.

'Hey,' said a deep voice behind her. 'You're trespassing on my property.' Felice swirled her head around to come into contact with a tall, and inhumanely handsome man. 

'Your property--oh, I see,' she added guiltily, examining her surroundings. She wasn't sitting up at the edge of a musty road, but on a smooth pavement within an exquisitely fine garden and a modern, sleek house with four storeys. Crap, I fell on the wrong side, she thought. 'My apologies, sir,' she heaved herself up and brushed the dust from her body before bowing deeply. 'My carelessness led to the unintentional fall in your land. Please excuse me.' Without another word, she climbed the wall and leaped to the other side, leaving Chase in unmistakable surprise. 

The End

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