I Killed Paul MccartneyMature

What really happened that night? It was November 9th, 1966, a Wednesday to be exact. What happened to the beloved Beatles we all knew and loved? And what happened to our dearest Paul Mccartney? Did he die? Was he replaced? Or is he still alive?

Time: 4:32 a.m.

George sighs and sits on the small leather chair during the recording session. The new album was coming out soon, and times were rough. Paul glances at George and the rest. Ringo and John sit down as well. Paul glances at all of them. They know that he is angry.

Screaming. Shouting. Anger.

What has happened? This night remains a mystery to most. The night, or morning, of Wednesday, November 9th.

Time: 4:59 a.m.

Paul storms out of the recording session after the argument. Angrily, he hops into his Austin-Healey, and drives off. Paul Mccartney is furious for some reason. What did this beloved band argue about, anyway? And this argument led to our beloved Paul's death.

Paul Mccartney crashed his car, a mere 24-year-old man, found dead by his band. No one else knew. No one else found out. Paul Mccartney was killed, the fact unknown to the rest of the world.

The End

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