I Just Got Hit

You try to do everything for that special someone and yet they still love someone else

Something hit me that led me to you
It hit me like a never ending pitch fork that stabs me but makes me laugh every time it does 

As I saw from a distance, everything else was blurry no other than you
As I see you, something from somewhere pushes me to hug you
I wish I could, but I can't

You don't know that when you were gasping for air I was the first one who noticed
When I saw you couldn't breath I ran as quickly as I can, and asked if you're okay, you said nothing
I stayed there, beside you, waited for your answer

As people started to notice, I had my guard up for you
I asked you if you needed a brown bag still no answer, but I didn't leave, I just sat down beside you for a little while, then got the fan just for you

When they were trying to stop me, I started to stop them
Because it felt like they're pulling me away from you, I tried to fight but failed
I wish to come closer to tell you I'm sorry

Every time I catch a glimpse of your blue-skied face I smile for no reason
And if I try not to smile I blush

My soul and my everything went missing
"What happened?" I asked  myself
As I looked at where you sit I saw nothing but blurry pictures of you slowly coming to my heart, that enclosed my happiness in a small box that contain nothing but despair, sadness and no air

As the day went on, I went out to look for you. Inside and out the classroom I ran back and forth just to find you
 I walked out and lots people were doing the same things they do to contain their happiness
I turned my head  around and saw you, and my world was filled with happiness once more
Again I wanted to give you biggest hug the world can give, but then again, I can't
As I went inside I started to notice that I was smiling for no reason

When you were about to get down I remembered something, something that destroyed me

At that moment on I just realized that earlier this day I asked my friend if she still loves you, she said "Of, course"
After  that my world started once more and I saw you calling her to come with you and that shattered my world, everything has gone dull                                                                                                                       

The End

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