Chaper 2

I was bored, the headteacher offered me a 'trial day' so I was currently sitting in the middle of the canteen drink strawberry milkshake from a carton.

Though it was a good opertunity to find out about the spector, and, hopefully destroy it, I had lost Lucy when she ran out of the office when the bell went. I had tried looking for her, I even considered asking around but that would be awkward 'hey, im new have you seen a mad girl with dark hair around here? i just want to find her.'

Not a good first impression.

I had returned to the large, messy, burnt food smelling canteen, in the hope that she would eventually turn up and do something like order food or whatever, but thirty minutes into it and there was still no show.

"for gods sake." I muttered, taking one last suck on my straw before chucking my carton into the bin.

"lost?" A perky voice behind me asked, she was what I expected with that bubble gum voice, bleach blonde hair, orange face, basically no skirt.

Though I hadnt wanted to be interupted, I smiled brightly and tried to act normal "Yeah actually, im new, its my trial day."

"Oh really?" She asked, flicking her hair dramatically and dumping her bag on the girl next to her "Im Chardonnay, but everyone calls me Donna."

I had to smother my wince "Im Luke, nice to meet you." I said, still smiling, feeling like a total idiot.

"How about I-er, show you around?" She asked winking, though she had so much make up on her eyes she only had about three eyelash clumps.

"Sure." I shrugged, trying to act like my brother would in this situation. Probably failing.

She marched around the school like she owned it, though, from the way she was acting, she probably was top dog in this school. I tried to tune her out as she showed me the "nerdys bit" - translation, the libary, the "weirdos bit" ( the auditorium) and the "cool bit" (the back fields wall)

It felt like hours later when she finally propped herself up on the wall and practically yanked me up by my shirt, she did the annoying hair flippy thing again before spitting her gum over the wall.

She was babbling again, about how "one of those god damned weirdo kids touched her new prada bag", which was apparently the biggest disaster ever, I was about to turn around and say something when I noticed someone walking across the top of the field, a brown backpack on her shoulder.

"Uh- are you like, even listening?" Prima donna Chardonnay whined, she followed my gaze. "ew her, shes like, totally weird isn't she guys?" She said to her group who all 'yeahed' in responce like sheep.

I could tell she was annoyed that I wasnt giving her my 100% attention, and she slipped of the wall easily and marched on over to the girl, though when I say marched, it was more like trotting, seen as her shoes had heels on and if you walked too quickly her skirt would get even shorter- scary thought.

"Hey! Wait!" I called after her, but she was surprisingly fast and was over at Lucy before I was halfway across the field.

"Did you like, walk on my field freak!" Chardonnay shouted as Lucy walked toward her.

"I wasnt aware this was your field, though big cows like you do need lots of space." Lucy said in monotone as she bumped shoulders with Chardonnay.

I tapped the right buttons, and when the scan was complete she had already disappeared, though I knew what I wanted to know, the spector was drawn to her.

The End

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