Chapter 1

Bleeeeeeeeeeep. Bleeeeeeep. Bleeeeep. Bleeeep Bleeep....Bleep.

We were close, I knew, I just knew that we would end up actually having to enter the school, my hopes of just a walk by flew out of the window.

I slid down the iron gates sighing. I hate schools, nasty, dirty places filled with stupid teens who think they rule the world, now I would have to spend God-knows how long stuck in one hunting  for a spector! of all things.

I sighed loudly as Sam came out of the van, looking way to smug for my liking.

"So am I being a father or a brother?" he asked, damn I hated it when he knew he was right.

"Brother, you dont look nearly old enough to be a dad." Sam pouted, he did look young, like me I guess, he was nearly 19 yet he looked about 16, he had dark hair like me, though his hair was thicker and not nearly as curly.

He was pratically skipping ahead of me down the gates into the school, not caring that I was the one who had to enroll.

I picked myself off the ground groaning, showing the empty world I was annoyed  with the situation, like that would change anything, then I trudged after Sam.

It was early in the day, so I could see the kids acting like muppets right infront of me, girls with their skirts way...and i mean way too short, showing of way to much thigh. Orange make up, thick eye lashes and worse of all, low cut shirts, they basically looked like baby whores.

The guys werent much better, though thankfully none of them were wearing orange make up and skirts.

Most of the kids stared at me as we walked past, my brother looked like he always did, stupid, he was massive, nearly six foot but skinny as a pole, so all his shirts hung off him awkwardly and his jeans were always slightly too short.

And he was playing up for some of the girls near by, I heard one of the squeal "your Irish!" before erupting into a massive fit of giggles, it was ridiculas, we barely even had accents after being in England for such a long time.

"Lets go Sam," I said grabbing his shirt as I walked past " I don't have time to pay your bail if you get arrested for harassment."

He came along , not put off at all, I did what I always did as he waved at some more girls who were sitting on brick wall, I scanned the groups, I could see the main groups, the 'popular' kids that was easy, they were boring. No. I needed the odd kids, they are the ones who attracted trouble.

There were a couple of possibles from the way in, the guy with dyed black hair and red contact lenses with several nose, ear and lip piercings was the first, or his friend, the small ginger kid who was shaking so much he looked like he was having a fit.

No, its never the obvious ones, there are always the subtle clues, the confusion, the odd way of holding ones self, the 'daydreamer' attitude, were probable signs of spector semi-possesion.

We were talking to the woman on reception when I saw the first possible candidate, and probably the only real canditate too. She was sitting in the office, she was wearing the usuall school uniform, black skirt, only slightly too short, though she was wearing a thin, black hoodie over the top, zipped right up to the neck. She also had a large, thick grey hoodie, which was as long as her skirt and bunched up at her wrists, a brown backpack on the floor covered in odd badges and was wearing those converse shoes that lace right up to the knee, in deep blue.

She was holding a cloth to her head and I could see the blood running from a cut there, from the odd times she removed the cloth it looked like she had walked into a locker.

I glared over at her, she had deep auburn hair that was shining in the rare sun light, and she was staring at the floor, not embarresed, she looked, annoyed.

And then she glanced up at me.

I smiled in as friendly a way as possible, but she just glared at me, her deep brown eyes like ice, I felt my smile drop, but I didnt look away like she thought I would, and as i expected after a while her expression sofened and she looked away.

Whilst my brother was filling in forms, a flustered, very red in the face nurse came in, trying to sort out this girls injury.

"Just let me look!" she moaned, grabbing for the cloth.

"No! Its fine, I just want to lessons, or home, or where ever!" She said, jumping to her feet, wincing slightly as the blood rushed to her head.

"Please! let me help you!" The nurse cried, plasters at the ready.

"I don't need your help." The girl said bitterly. It seemed to have some meaning to the nurse.

"I know its been hard for you Lucy, after the accident and all." The nurse said sympathetically, placing a hand on the girls arm. The girl shook it off.

"You don't know anything." She spat.

Lucy, got it, I let my brother lead me away after that, I knew enough from that, this had to be the girl who was linked with the spector, I just knew it. She was the one who was friends with the girl who died, she had to be.

I sat through the boring meeting with the head teacher, and smiled and pretended like I normally do, as I walked out I saw Lucy with a nice shiny plaster on her head, and resentment in her eyes.

The End

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