I heard tell, a story from hell

"Where we going?" Sam asked finally whilst following the very precise instructions from the SAT NAV and turning down the road to the left. "Its not like I care, but normally your more talkative when starting a job."

"Lets just say it wasnt out of choice." I said sighing, throwing the paper I was playing with out of the window of Sams white van, it bounced twice before it was hit by a lorry going the other way.

"Miranda again?" Sam asked, indicator clicking again.

"Yeah, she has me chasing spectors!" I moaned loudly.

Sam chuckled "No vampire blood sucker babes this time? Is it a unique?"

"Dead highschooler." I muttered, I was only doing this because Miranda asked, she had been like the best aunt to me for a long time.

"oh, we heading to a highschool?" Sam asked, clearly more excited now, even though he was nearly 19.

"yes, and they are underage  girls Samuel."

He groaned and continued to drive, clucking his tounge, muttering some crap about how he could never have any fun on this job.

Well whatever, he didn't have to stay here.

Though I couldn't help wondering why on Earth Miranda had sent me on this errand, a spector, can't even materalise, though there was always a reason behind Mirandas plan. I just didn't know what it was right now.

An hour later we entered the town , rows upon rows of the same buildings streached a head of us, the SAT NAV lead us down, to what seemed the edge of London, a place on the boundaries of the green belt, the trees made a reasonable sized forest which just screamed mistery.

This will be a short job then, I thought.

Oh how wrong I was.

The End

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