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it is awesome though the title is just there because if i did not do a title it would noy let me post this. So i put a title down, even though i haven't any clue a name for this chapter. please feel free to give me a rating and a comment:-)

      I asked my mom if I could go outside after we'd just come home from watching my sister's basketball game. It was getting dark so I just rode my bike around our neighborhood. you see, my neighborhood has houses on the right side, and on the other side, there is nothing but the woods. I was just strolling along when something caught my eye. I looked back and whatever I had seen, just left some bushes shaking. I started to ride faster. I looked to my left side and saw a creature moving swiftly through the trees doging and jumping over obsticles in it's way. I tried to just look ahead and pretend I was just imaganing things.

After a few minutes pasted, I really started to believe that I was just imaganing the whole thing. So, I turned around and that was where I went wrong.

It's eyes met with my eyes. I relized I was not dreaming. I blinked and tried to remember where I saw this monster before.  It looked farmiliar each time I took a glace, which gave me a queezy feeling, because the more I peeked,  the more thoughts and memories flowed into my head.

Then it hit me. This was the monster who had tried to kill me when I was only five. The memories kept on coming; except now they had more detail.


My family and friend were at our summer house in California. At our vacation home there was just a wide open field. In this time of year, the grass looks velvet, and is really tall, so Max and I played tag pretending we were in a jungle and we somtimes just looked in awe as the sun stated to get lower and the cloudsstarted to get a shade of purple, pink, yellow, orange, and red.My called to us and said that it was almost time to go to bed. Max and I were pretty tired and exausted of playing around in the huge field.

While we were finishing a tiring game of jungle, we heard a long, bloodcurtling growl. We sceamed and ran for the house as fast as our little legs and depleting energy could take us.

I jumped over a rock in my path. then I saw another rock. I took a big leap, but somehow, my foot got caught... ( To be continued)



The End

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