I Have Weird Dreams.Mature

This is just a write-up of a dream I had. I was explaining it to someone, hence the tenses and first person narrative.

I was in a place that sort of was like New York City with some people I know and like out of no where the entire place is being like bombed and shit ... so I end up running away with my one friend who lives in this weird complex with a lot of people because there's new housing laws and people have to be registered. so we went to her place, which was basically one room of an apartment because they had to densen the living space and in the middle of the night we hear bomb sirens and we run outside and like you can see the bombs flying overhead because they're these little fiery grenade bomb things. and like basically all you could do is wait outside and pray your part of the complex didn't get blown up

ours ended up being bombed and killing my friend's brother, so we had to go somewhere else. and there was basically the rich people and the poor (the complex was for the poor) and we were walking down the road when this guy who I know (who I haven't seen in years irl) comes by in his car and picks us up cuz he recognized me. and like even the people with money have to be careful because they don't want anyone to be more powerful so people have a tendency to go missing. so we get dropped off at this huge building which was sorta a mix between a museum and a aquarium and we have to sneak around when no one is looking to get to where he is staying. so he leaves to set up his security precautions and leaves us in a room which looks almost exactly like my other friend's blown up house, with folded blankets in the corner and stuff and I was going to take out my contacts and she was just crumpled on the blankets crying. I was like "I cant really see without my contacts" and the guy comes back in and was like "as long as you can dial 911"

so then he comes up behind me and sorta hugs me from behind (like, in that weird coupley way) and like this is where the guy I like comes into the back of my head and I'm like, wtf are you doing, I have a boyfriend. and then he's like "well you didn't think I was gunna give you hospitality for free, did you" and I'm all like oh shit.. and he was like k how about we go for a ride. so I went with him cuz I knew I had to . and we get out onto the road and he turns onto the free-way and like its one of those highways that's sorta build through the city so you can see the whole thing (sorta like the 417, I suppose) and you can see just how fucked up the city really is because you can see all the destruction and the bombs flying overhead, the sky is kinda always raining fire. everything is all smoggy because of all the rubble and smoke. I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually take place in NYC , just something like it. and we're driving and we get to this massive bridge and there's a gap in the highway where something has blown up the road. and we park the car and get out. and he takes my hand and is like "there's something I need you to see" so I follow him cuz like, wtf else am I supposed to do, he has a gun. we walk right up to the edge where the road stops and he's like "just look over the edge" so I look over the edge and basically am completely overcome with tears, I start crying

basically, the chasm in the road became whoever is in charge's dumping ground, so it's just heaps and heaps of garbage, everything from smashed cars, to bombshells and massive amounts of human bodies. men, woman, children. there are like, half corpses, burnt corpses, torn up corpses so mutilated you cant tell the gender. but something about the place strikes me, so I sit right on the edge of the chasm and just look into it. and after what feel like forever the guy comes over and drapes his arm around me and is sorta like "I'm sorry, I had to show you why you cant treat anything like a joke any more" and I kinda look up at him and then he figures it would be a good time to make his move. so he kisses me, and I pull away an I'm like what the hell do you think you're doing? and he's like.. "kissing you" I'm like no shit. and then I get up and go sit in the back of the car with my arms crossed. so he gets in kinda all angry and whatnot.

so we get back to the museum / aquarium and we walk back into the room and the first thing you see when you walk in is the telephone cord wrapped around one of the bars in the window. and around the other end is my other friend's neck and you can tell by the way her eyes are glazed over that she's not alive. then the guy swears real hard and grabs my hand again and is like "we have to go" because the phone had been off the hook for so long, so it would grab someone's attention and he muttered something about "they can smell the dead" which sorta gave me the shivers. so we're leaving through a different route then how we had gotten to his room and its in the open air and we can sort of see people coming down after us and we're like oh shit.. and they catch up and it turns out I know them too. it was two of my good friends. and I'm sorta like wtf, guys, I thought I would never see you again. but we have to keep moving away from the body. by now its like really dark. which is bad because there's a curfew and if anyone is out after dark it's a shoot-at-will for any patrolling officers.


so we're trying to get through the shadows and none of my friends notice that one of the two girls we had just run into went missing, but we keep going because at this point losing people is the least of our problems. (I'm still sort of confused as to how I ended up in a war zone, in a conflict that appears to have been occurring for a millennia now) and we're running through the street trying to find somewhere to sleep that isn't all boarded up. and a black police cruiser pulls up beside us. so basically we're all fucked so we all get on out knees in classic executional style when our friend who went missing opens the door and is like, get in, you morons. so we're all relieved and we get in the car (how my friend got a hold of a cop car, I will never know)

so we're driving down the road, for a really long and obviously no one is bothering us because we're in a cop car so its like, "legit" and after driving down this river for a really long amount of time we pull into the driveway of this sort of old-fashion looking water sanitation plant where all the water used to be filtered through (which my mind actually based on somewhere in Ottawa) and I look up into the sky and see that there's actually blue sky above us. 

The End

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