Are you willing to pay the price?"

   Al and realynne looked at Kileata to try and convince him into helping them as they needed him to do this. Kileata felt that they were speaking the truth, she had seen a deamon kill their king. They were afraid of what had happened there.

 Kileata looked them over, he knew that Al was more interested in protecting whatever he desired. Al was a no account theif, he had dirtied Kileata's hands on the occassion. Kileata felt that they had seen a deamon. 

A deamon with the power that this one had, had to have been nutured into a deamon such as this. Deamon's were expensive to keep alive, the deamon had to grow to be strong enough to weild a dagger or sword.  The deamon had to have a great deal of food to stay alive long enough to do this/

Tabua looked at the deamon, it was now night fall, this was when it would be at its strongest. The deamon licked its lips, as it looked at him.  It asked,"What is it you wish?"

"I want her destroyed?" Tabua declared, he knew the cost of this would have him pay a great deal to have it do this. He had simply let it pay with him the last time, his cost would be that a human woman would not be in any way desirible to him. Nothing they could offer him would allow him to be able to have them sire a child by him. He would have to hire another person to sire a child for him.

The deamon was once his tutor in the field of magic, she had given her soul to a male whom she had slain. The sorcess had been slain by him as she knew he would have to do this. The stronger the woman, the stronger the price he would have to do this to allow it tio do as he wished.  

He had to kill her, take the life of a male who had not entered puberty yet. Open her heart to do this, also remove her brain and his reduce them to pulp and eat it. It had made him sick to do this.

It now, needed him to make love to her, and fill every channel of her black shadow it had left him exhausted and weary. He could not afford to have him become distracted as he did this.  If he was distracted, she could exchange herself with him.

"I need you to kill the woman?" he declared as he looked at her magnificent form. She licked her lips wantonly.

"Which one; the queen?" she bellowed at him/

Tabua was not interested in slaying the queen, he needed the witness destroyed by her. "he woman who was feeding the king."

"Are you willing to pay the price?" she declared.

The End

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