The attack

The cleric was unable to discern what she was sawing was fact. Someone had arranged for this to happen, they were afraid of what was to happen. Someone was trying to have the queen slain, as a herectic, as she was cursed by having a deamon come in conatct with her.  They could not allow anyone to know what they were doing and what they had found out.

Rachel was being attacked by the deamon, that had been summoned by someone else, but who they did not know.

Rachel looked horrified by what she had seen, they to had this knowledge but they were unable to find out the figure they qwere pursuing. Someone had attacked them, in their home of the church.

Rachel looked at her husband tears ran from her eyes, the anguish she was feeling made her feel upset. There was no way she could have done this to him, she had been telling the clerics that she had been seeing the deamon's, but they did not believe what they had found out until now.

Al and Realynne talked to the preist to gain some support from what she had seen. Mickeast looked at her with horror in his eyes, for what she was describing was a deamon. The deamon had attack the ruler of their kingdom. 

The person who did this, would feel every fatigued and tired.  The deamon could have come from anywhere, the queen did not know as to where it had come from. The presence did not add up. If it had been nightfall, when this would occur. If it was than the deamon could come from anywhere where darkeness fell.

Nightfall was when the deamon was the strongest. They were afraid of what she faced. 

Rachel looked at the sword, it looked like it was sword that the king  had used. Yet it was not, when they moved him.  His sword lay in its sheath, his hands were empty when the sword hit, he did not see it coming until it arrived there.

His eyes were resting on the serving girl who had fled the area. The serving girl would not have been old enough to control the deamon. This they understood, unless she was able to cast this type of spell as a babe.

That was unlikely.

Tabua sent the deamon in search of her, and the person who saved her.  The deamon could not move in daylight, but in shadows it could move.  Tabua knew its limitations, he was afraid of what they had seen. Tabua tried to support his deamon.

The End

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