What brings you here?

Tabua had to stop them. The girl had seen the shadow, he wondered,' why she did not kill her.' \

The deamon only will do as he told her to do, nothing else. That was part of the contract, that he has arranged with her. No one could know, that he had made a compact with a deamon.The kingdom is supporting the clerical order since its beginning of creation. He was aware of what the punishment would be inflicted upon him; if he was caught. Death would seem like a blessing from their punishment.

He had sent deamons to hound the queen for quite awhile. 'The deamon would vanish when anyone else walks in. So, they would assume that she was possessed. The evidence would not support her and the girl telling them the same thing. Damn!'


Rachel looked at the council that she would have to rule over, since her husband's death. She could be tried for murder, if they were to find the girl who had fed them both, there. She knew she would need to find the girl and the lad who saved her from being talked to. The lad could be the person responsible for her husband's death.

She looked at the council who are before her.  She spoke with them, telling them what she had seen, also the description of the serving girl and the lad who had entered the room, she put out an order to find her and him.

The cleric's did not know if they could rest easy with her being there. There was something about this matter that may have suggested, that her story was real. They would need more than her word to suffice. 

They cast a spell upon her,to see if she had seen a deamon. They had confirmation, but they did not know as to when the deamon appeared here. As it had been there, when he had been slain.

The sword had been there, in the chamber. It was his sword, they found that there was an odd pigment on the blade, that should not have been  there. What it was, they did not know.


Al and Realynne walked into the city. Al knew, they had better be able to get to the church, if one was to call that. It was a place where the faithfuil would go to pray. 

The chief cleric looked at them. He did not look to pleased to see them. He looked at Realynne and then at Al.  "What brings you here?"


The End

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