Rightly won!

   tabua looked like death warmed over, the shadow was gone, but the sun was up. Her powers only work through the night. Tabua knew, 'she would do as he asked?' For the price that he was to pay.

She was his gift from his former lover. She became his when he caught her rummaging around in his belongings. He gave her choice, "Give me her, or you will die?"' Well he did not kill her.  That was true! Mind you she might have been dead as it would be better off for her. to have been.'

He  saw the woman's face, who saw her. He had to find her and slay her before she spoke to the authorities about what she had seen.  Unless he could find away; to distort her story. So no one would listen to her. They may listen but they may not believe.

He did not know where they had gone?


The guards also did not know as the tunnels went all over the place. Afew of them led outside the castle walls, these they wandered for quite aways out side of the castle in search of them They carried with them enough gold for a family to live a year without needing a even a pence.

But the gold du=id not loosen anyones jowls to speak of her and the boy.


Al bounded upon the horse, had Realynne jion him on the steed/ They flew like an arrow to find what he was seeking. The town of Pavida. He felt they might need the aid of the clerical order asthey were being pursued by a mage.

Magic only exists in two housess in this world, one is clerical magic, that is done by white practioners as in clerical magic is that of a god. Mages use black magic deamons devils and their kindred.

It was now day break, the sun rose into the sky. Of this Al was thankful for. He smiled as he calmed the horse to ride at a canter instead of a head long gallop. His rump and hers were saddle sore.

She wanted to know everything about the people she had just met  Al supplied her with rudimantery knowledge of them, such as who they were?  Why they were there? That kind of gobbably goop.

Al had not told her he had been watching for most of her life, That was were the food had appeared inside their home, when they had no coin with which to buy any. He had sworn an oath to protect her from, the problems a young waif might face in the imperial world. To her father he swore this too.

Her father died in a fight in an inn, over some coins he rightly won.  

The End

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