"Have you not stole enough for your own stable?"

   Tabua looked at his minion and said,"Find them?"

   She drew him into her breasts, slipped her hands about his belt played with his black hair that arrived on his shoulders and purred, "What am I to do with them?"

  He put his finger beside his nose, found he was without his pantoons as he thought," Just find them is all.  That I advise for now."


Queen Rachel looked at her husband's carcus as it lay there on his cushiona, she was gnawing on her nails, Swearing, under her braeth as the healer closed his eyes with his fingers. There is no reason, that this should be done, now.  
     The healer wondered, no more like worried that they could loose their kingdom if things are not corrected in a moment; all help will be lost. The healer looked at his majesty and looked at the floor."Is there anything to be done here, your  majesty!"                                               Rachel looked at him and shook her head.                                                                                          The chronicler was there, to write what she could tell him, of her husband's death. She saw a black non corpral image approach the king, where it had come from she could not say. May it was as her son had suggested,"He had angered the gods? Maybe  that was who slayed him."                                                                                                                                               "Tabua might be right!" she thought, but I did see a serving girl here, when he died. She might have slain him.                                                                                                                                  The chronicler looked at her with abject fear in her eyes,thinking,"The guards would have searched the serving girls, would they not. But she was to suggest that she was responsible for that. It is so?"


Realynn and Al surfaced just outside the city's gates from the tunnels.  He looked at her and asked,"What did you see?"

A female's black shadow approached the king from the wall, in its hands was a sabre in it's hands. Realynn supplied.

Al looked at her as if she had lost her mind. He pondered,'What is a shadow, that can carry a sword?'  Did anyone else see it?"

"Her majesty must have seen it, as well?" she stopped speaking put her hand towards her mouth as she thought and said..'it is a deamon. That wants to take the throne."

"Deamon! What do you mean a deamon!" he asked.If a deamon is responsible for his death, than maybe the other deaths that he had been hearing of occurring within the kingdom made sense.  Who was practicing witchcraft? He did not know, but knew they would have to make it to "Kerokea" the house of clerics. Before night fall.

"Where are we?" Raelynne asked as they walked further into the woods, she was frightened what had she gotten herself into. She saw the king slain by a shadow, and than this lad comes into save her. Save her? He might be responsible for his death.

"We are going to Pavida. It is thirty miles from here," Al supplied, he was growing winded, the fear that he was feeling filled his soul and spirit, he would not stop now. He could not, for he to would be tried for the death of the king.

"How do you propose, we get there?" she demanded

"Horse back, is how." Al walked her down an ever iincreasingly difficult path to fallow. They double dback  on themselves half a dozen times, coming to an encampment. Al felt as if he was being watched, he suspected he knew who was doing it.

Arrown flew just before the tip of his nose, he whirled about to face the artist as did she. Only to see brush and a camp site just out of their sight.  Al smiled easily,.he walked towards the voice,  A figure leapt out of the trees to arrive behind Al and in front of Realynne

A voice called out. "Al, We saw you a coming aways back!"

"Tupor!  Will need a steed. I know you did!"

"Why pray tell, do you need a horse?" the speaker said this,a s she emerged from the brush.

"Have you not stole enough for your own stable!"  Tudor  called out

The End

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