"What do you mean, they escaped?"

"Where are we?" Realynne asked in terror as they flew through the tunnel, her feet barely touched the ground.

   when they encountered a four way branch. Al knew, they would soon find out that they had taken these tunnels to elude capture.  He choose to throw a few rocks when he heard their voices in the tunnel.  They would be blind as bats in daylight, He knew this to be a fact, as it always took him some time to get used to the darkness down here.

"They went that way?" the guards snarled and tore off in the direction that was in  reverse to the direction they were fleeing, 

"It could be a trick! I will go that away.  To see what  I will find there!" another gaurd advised.

"When were these tunnels built and by whom."  another guard asked, his voice sounded hesitant like he was ascared of where he was.

That could prove beneficila, Al thought as he ushered her into a small out cropping of rock she fell, down into a gully as did he. He put his hand over her mouth,saying,"Say not a word. Keep quiet until they have left us."

Realynn rolled over to face him, she had really seen him, she thought he could be the boy that liked her, from the towns people. His hair was dirty it looked as though he had quite a bit of hair out of place.  He had a beard and a mustache. It was who she thought he had been, and he saved her.


 Tabua walked into his room, slammed the door to see the assassin he had sent there to do his biding.  She was sultry and her skin was translucent as was her body, but she looked at as she was deamoness that he had sent to slay the king. "You have to abid by the contract, that you have made with me!"

"You slayed him, and there was not only the queen there , but a serving girl! I wanted it , done it with only, her there." tabua snarled,  as she approached him with a sway of her hips, but he knew the contract was binding.  He would gave to do this to allow her to return to him. He took off his garments.

"Before they committed this act, Tabua asked,"Where are they?"

She said,"I will tell you that once, you have completed our contract!"


The guards scoured the tunnels, but were unable to find them. Al and Realynn lay just beneath their eyes, in this gully. One guard in fact stopped but an inch above where the gully was. 

Al looked up at him, he held his breath as did Realynne. THe guard's toe slipped into the beginning of it. Al allowed his shoulder to serve as the floor of the tunnel, he stepped over them.

The guards returned to the room, where girl was that was now to be a slave. They reeported  to the captian of the guards, "They have gone?"

He stated,"What do you mean, they escaped?"

The End

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