She was to be a slave.

 "Cathea do not do that?" Al advises as he watches the door shudder beneath the blows on the door, reached out to garb her wrist before she opens the door.

The voice is louder now, Open up in the name to the King!" 

Cathea looks at him as though 'his brain has been addled, by the woman's looks, she was indeed pretty. But not pretty enough me to put my head on  the block of the executioner, no! She is his problem, not mine.' Al, ket me go?"

 "Al is there, that is all!  We need to know?" the guard yelled back.\

"Thanks, sis!" Al declared as he races towards the bedroom, where she would usually sleep.He knew under the bed was a passage way, thar his father had built in case they were at war with someone. The king usually had his hands in all kinds of pockets. one of these days his hands would be caught there his father told him. Mark his words to day might have been that day.

Al had not heard as to what had been said about him currently. However someone killed him, but who?' Al lofted the door from its moorings to slip beneath the mattress, he held Raelynne by the  wrist as he did this, So, she had but no choice but to fallow him.

The bed fell back into place as the guards burst into the house. they looked at Cathea who had a look of terror on her face, she was not looking at the door through which the guards had entered her home, She just beneath noble blood, but she too would be answerible to the king.if he so desired to speak to her of this matter.

One of the guards grabbed her by the face, so as that she would have to look him in the eyes as he questioned her. She did not like the way the guard was handling her, So, she spat in his face.

The guard drerw backk his other hand, made it slowly so as that she could count the fingers as they curled into a massive fist.It flew. The hand stopped a centimeter from her face by another's hand that held his wrist."No, we best not disfigure her?"

"No?" the guard asks him as he looked at her. She was not to bad a looking girl, Maybe Tibweas was right.

"What do you propose to do with her!"

"SEnd her to Tiber!" the guard who saved her said,

She recoiled in terror, he is a slaver. She knew what he has done, with his slaves. Being a tart would be blessing comapred to what he  did to his slaves. She was to be a slave!


The End

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