Open Up

"Realynne, we can not afford to tarry!  They will be upon us!" Al advises her of this matter that is before them both. Al knows, she could not have slain him. He was there and saw what the guards and the queen had seen. There she was standing before the king with a sword not a foot from where she was standing.

"Who will?" sh asks, she has not had time enough for this to sink into her mind. the only thing she can recall is a ghostly black image standing before the king, swinging that sword, Aand the queen is pointing at her. As his head rolls onto his chest. She winces as she tried to clear the image form her mind.

"The guards, the king's guards will be on the look out for you?"he suggested, as she looked at him and said,"What about you?"

"I suppose, so?" he gulped, as he watched gaurds running down various streets in search of her and him. They looked like they were not going to leave a stone untouched. They wanted to find the assassin. 

He vaulted from his seat to arrive at the door of his sister's home. Realynn joined him in his flight.

They came barreling in on her as she was preparing a meal for her siblings, seeing her brother charge inside the house with a woman by his side. She looked at him with an air of anger in her eyes.  She asked,"Who is this; slip of a girl?"

"Raelynne, May I introduce Cathea?" he supplied as if this was the usual way of meeting who he was dating presently.

Cathea looked her over, in her hands  was large butchers knife, noticed the blood on her feet, and skirt. She said, "Nice to meet you!"

"What are we going to do?" Raelynne asked as looked about trying to put this together, but it would not fit... The puzzle, that was before them. 

Al looked over the meal, he drew himself up to his feet headed for the meal, that was presently being cooked by his sister.  "hope you do  not mind me, simply dropping in, but you said."

Cathea looked at him as if he was daffed, but she did say come over any time. So, she could not rightly scold him for doing this. Could she? She shrugged her shoulders and agreed with him.

There came a loud, thump at the door. Aloud voice bellowed,"Open up!"

Al winced, as she began to walk towards the door, Raelynne looked at her, and the meal remembered the death. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

The End

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