"Sound the alarm!"

 "Jump?" Al screams as he arrives on the balcony with Realynne, with the guards on his heels.  'There had better be something below us that can save us.'

"What do you mean, jump?"

The curtain swings open to reveal guards barreling their way.  Al swings an arm about her waist and off they sail into the air, Al is praying to whatever god can protect them from their fast arrival on the ground. She is in the air trying to grasp him by his head, to pull it off of his shoulders. 

      'Did not wish to die?' she thought as they arrive in a mass of hay, teh guards above scan teh ground, but do not see the wagon with the hay that is there for the kings saddles.  They do not think to look directly down.

Al smiled to himself,"safe!"

The queen is still sitting there looking at her love, his head dangles from the spine in a lopsided fashion, blood is a geyser as it washes him and the cushions he is upon, Her mouth does not move, nor do her eyes.

Tabue walks inside the royal chamber, he is after all the prince, he nonchallently draws up an apple from the basket set before the king. Looks at him and smiles."What is wrong?"

Tabue has been trying for years to acquire the throne, his father did not desire for him to be here, so he sent him out of the realm to study somewhere else. Something else. He choose the field of magic. He knew, his father would die to day and how? Why I think perhaps because he had his hand in it from the start.  

He wanted to accuse the queen of doing this? To accuse her would make him the successir to the throne, would it not.  The queen was from a nomadic race, that were very well versed in sword play .  He had seen be practice duel once, and noted how well she did with a sword in her hands.  Why were the guards over there.   When they should be looking here.  However the guards were looking about the balcony,.

He repeated himself as the guards stepped back inside the chamber. A few were screaming, "The king is under attack!"

"Stop every coach and carriage! They are not to leave the kingdom. Until they are checked." the guards screamed.

"Great!" Al snarls as he takes the seat to drive the horses out of view, it owner at the moment is in the inn a block away eating a meal absolutely unaware of what has happened.

Valca steps inside the chamber as Tabua leaves the room, to look around. He also knows he should be dead, It is his duty to have the queen arrested as he is the royal judicatory.

Tabua's pay has been good so far. There is no way, he would dream of biting the hand that  feeds him all of his depavities, He screams,"Sound the alarm!"

The End

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