That is what I am doing?

"Jump!" Al yells at Raelynne as he gets onto the balcony to look down below and sees a wagon covered in hay.

"What do you mean, jump?" she asks as she looks at the ground beneath her, and does not see the wagon. Al does not have an other ideas climbing down the wall is out. Out of the question, "We have to jump! Dear woman!"

"What if I say, ...'

He pushed her over the balcony as the guards arrived there. They crashed into the wagon. The guards stood ther elooking over the balcony in search of them. They disgaurded the wagon, it can not be were they have gone.

My queen, what is wrong?" Tabua asked as he walked to the private chamber looking around as though he already knew something was amiss. He was eating an apple, that he scooped up from the basket beside the king's body.  It was a wash in blood.  

The queen looked as though she had been stricken with some great disease, or horrified about something, her eyes did not even move from where they rested.   

Tabua repeated himself, 'the King was no more.'  he thought to himself, 'the only thing I have to do now, is illiminate the crotchity old queen and her brother. Than I will rule over  this kingdom with an iron fist.'

"That woman killed Thorda!" she declared as she still pointed at where the woman had stood before Al hustled her out the window.

"What woman?" Tabua asked great, she saw a woman do it.  My mechanizations won't even be considered to have been here. He bit another bite of his apple as he looked at the guards rushing towards the window.

'I have to hope, the woman who has fled is slain before tells them what she had seen her, and pray they will not believe her.' he thought to himself as he looked about the chamber all was it should have been, but there was witness he had not bargained for. His own intention was to have his queen tried as his murderer. From what he knew, the queen's family was from a nomadic tribe. Even she was versed in sword play, so that was how he hoped it would play out.

 The guards ran back inside the chamber, others were screaming,"Someone has slain the king!"

Mikeas said,"I want every carriage and coach stopped before leaving the kingdom!"

Rachel looked at him as if he had grown ears for wings, saying."Mikeas, why are you saying this.'

"Why because I am thr royal advisor? That is what I am doing?" Mikeas said as  he entered the chamber looking about the room, in an air of abject and absolute horror, that everything would now fall on his shoulders. There was no way, that the queen was going to be able to do anything about this.

The End

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