The assassination of the ruler

A young lad who wants to impress his girl, desires to gain something that will have her idolizing him. He wants to surprise her, the city they live in is underseige
the community's ruler has been slain, before the girls eyes.
Another man desires to have her as well, he is a noble, who has learned to gain what he desires through treachory and deception. He is considered to be a man of means. He studied a great deal of magic

 Realynne walked into the sire's chamber, as a shadowy black figure floated away from him. He lay there with a sabre protruding from his gullet, blood was awash on his arraignment. She froze right where she stood, but 4 feet away from him.

The queen Rachel sat there looking at him, and her mouth was hanging open in abject fear. Her hand pointed at Realynne, in an accusitory fashion. She knew what she had seen, and the sword had come from where Realynne stood, so she must have been the one who slayed him as there was no one near him, but her.

Realynne watched the shadowy being slip out through the open window, there was an odd stench that filled the air as she approached him, with a horn of wine to fill his glass, it matterilized and vanished from veiw,

Rachel began to wail,"No!"

Realynne turned about to leave the chamber, to face the gaurds with their weapons drawn. They did not look amused, not at all.

Al was busy trying to squirm his way past the guards to see, the girl of his dreams.  He knew she had to bring things into the king's chamber. That was her duty, he could not even see her, until she was done with him.  How he wished he was the king.

"Guards arrest her!"

Al heard the voice scream through out the chamber, it came from where the king was, as the guards turned about to see what was happening behind them, in that time. Al scooted through their arms, to arrive in the room.

Looking towards where the guards attention was, they were focused on Realynne. Before her sat the king with a sabre protruding from his throat, his head had almost rolled off of his shoulders.

The queen was pointing her way. A few of them were walking towards her. Al decided he had to get her out of here, the balcony was at the back of the chamber where the curtains were drawn.

Al somersaulted towards her, Stopped before her, he suggested,"Head for the curtains>"


The guards advanced towards them both, Al looked at the lanterns that hung from the rafters,  it dangled on a circle supported by 6 chains It was  twelve feet from the ground. Al had to stop them from capturing his love. He leapt onto  the ring,  His momentum carried him towards them, he let go of the ring. Drove them from their feet  onto their backs.

Rachel got up and began to advance herself towards him, as Raelynne headed towards the curtains. 


The End

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