I have no title yet D:

It is about me and a couple of real life friends and a crush survive a hellish attack.

I am behind a sandbag as I hold my M4 tightly in my hands. I wished that this would all be over and I was back in bed sleeping soundly. I knew that day wouldn't come. I could only imagine what everyone else was going through. All I knew is that Natalie was on a roof somewhere sniping with Celia covering and being her spotter. Tucker was to my right attacking the damn Axrians furiously. Why are you so mad Tucker? Tristin was blindfiring to my left with tears running through his scarred face. Sarah was right next to me yelling something in my ear but I was too afraid to listen. I reloaded and cocked my rifle and took out a radiation grenade. Clicking the holo-button I started to cry. I was going to kill someone...



* * *


The End

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