I'll Be Fine

Shoot me up and I’ll be fine for a little while.

When I start scratching, I’ll be attaching and needed you again.

Shoot me up again and I’ll be fine for a little while.

I mean don’t worry I’m fine now. But I’ll be better later.

As soon as I can shake this addiction whose name is you.

 You cause me so much pain but I keep coming back for more.

I wonder if my words and actions hurt you like yours hurt me? And if they do, I wonder how okay you are with that. Obviously you’re pretty content considering we’ve lasted this long. 

But its okay, an addict eventually breaks their addiction when they allow it to stop consuming them. You consume me. My thoughts.  

But its okay, an addict gets better when they realize they can live without what they’re addicted to. I’ve realized it all right. A long time ago. But I kept coming back for more and more. And I knew I could live without you. A long time ago. But knowing the truth and doing something about it are two very different things. I’ve known but I’ve ignored it.  

But its okay, your ability to fill me is running low and so is my tolerance. So I’ll take one more hit and call it quits.

The End

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