Jim's School History Trip

Over the weeks of Jim's fascination of History, his mother had noticed a real big change in his attitude.  Instead of being the bright, bubbly, friendly boy he once was he was now transforming into a quiet, introverted, unsociable person.  He never came downstairs anymore to watch Ant n' Dec on a Saturday night.  It used to be a ritual.  He used to snuggle up on the sofa and his mother would make popcorn and coffee and they'd have sweets to accompany them. 

Jim had broken up from school for half term and his mother decided it would be nice if the family spent some time together instead of dad and mam sitting downstairs and Jim upstairs with his head stuck in books. 

"Jim darling, I have an idea.  You know how you are on holiday now, how about me, you and your dad go out somewhere really good for a day trip?"

"Like Where?"

"I dunno? Where would you like to go?"


"I'd like to go to Chillingham Castle.  Its full of history.  Its supposed to be amazing"

"Hrm, wouldn't you like to go somewhere like a theme park? somewhere like Alton Towers or Flamingo Land? That would be fun!"

"No! That stuff is for babies! I would love to go to the castle!"

Jim won. Two days later they were in the car and on their way to chillingham castle. 

It was a wet and windy day and as they came over the hill they could see the entrance to the castle.  It didn't look very inviting and it didn't look like fun either.  The car park was in a clearing of some trees and as the wind blew it made the place more eerier. 

They entered the castle and the first room they went into was filled with old heirlooms.  Jim was in his element as he was looking around at the owners notes on each piece of furniture and each trinket.  Then he spotted a sign which said dungeon.  Jim was curious so he followed the sign which led him to a tiny little room with no windows.  The wind was blowing threw the room and making an eerie whistling sound.  There was a great in the ground and as Jim peered down it to his surprise he saw a skeleton.

Suddenly Jim freaked out and ran out of the oubliette. 

"Jim, Jim, what ever is the matter"

"nothing, er nothing I'm fine honest.  I just got a bit of a bad head thats all"

They carried on around the various rooms of the castle but Jim was unsettled.

"Mam er I think we should go home now"

"What? we've only been in 2 rooms.  What is wrong?"

"I've got a funny feeling about this place.  I don't like it"

Jims dad piped in "Son, we have just paid to get in so we won't be leaving until we get our money's worth alright! You wanted to come here!"

"Oh I know what room we can go to next.  We can go to the dungeon.  Apparently it was a torture chamber and a man called John Smith did terrible things to people in there!"

Jim suddenly freaked out again.

"No No No I am not going in there.  Please don't make me go in there" 

The End

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