I hate homework

once there was a little boy called Jimmy who came home form school one day with 7 pages of home ,however, jim did not like homework atually he hated home so he thought and thought of a plan how not to do his homework. his plan nwas to put his homework on his desk under his drawing's and then climed out of his bedroom window and went down to the park all the time he was at the park he coild'nt stop thinking of all the homework he had to do 7 pages he thought to him self do them teachers not think we do a lot of work at school suddenley jim got a call of his mam. she said " jim have you got any homework " Jim was scared  to tell the truth ,however, he had never told a lie before so he just told his mam the truth " yes mam i have got homework but i am really sorry i did'nt tell you it's just i've got 7 pages long and well i hate homework i'm sorry mam  "

what will mam do?

The End

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